GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status App Reviews

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This is a great app

Ive used this app a few times and found it helpful. Its also easy to use. I found a restaurant in the MSP airport that got good reviews and this place makes the best pulled pork sandwich.

Completely outdated

Information for IAH is completely outdated. I looked for a massage chair in terminal C in the areas where GateGuru mentioned and there was none to be found.

Pretty good

Pretty good

Fort Lauderdale-More than one terminal

No amenities listed for terminal serving United, Westjet and Allegiant. Had awesome milkshake at Shulas Bar (aka Don Shula!). Come on Gate Guru updates arent that difficult. Also had terrific beer and burger at Archibald Microbrasserie in Trudeau (Montreal) Airport - again not listed.


First five airports I searched came back: "limited data" Therefore totally useless for me. Your results may be better.

Terribly out of date, even for major airline hub airports (DFW, Atlanta, IAH, etc.) SO frustrating.

Too many errors

It wont update with my new flights, and when I try to add things in it gives me an error. Today every time I open, refresh, or do anything it gives me an error!

Needs an update badly!

Info is out of date and/or not accurate at many locations. Too bad - this used to be a good app.

Oops there was a problem

I get that message every single time.

Not So Much

This use to be an OK app. Id used it in the most when traveling and it was helpful finding my way around a few airports. I logged on today and saw the interface had changed and ownership had changed to Trip Advisor. I like Trip Advisor, so was hopeful that meant itd been improved. Not so much. First impression, how can you have an app like this that doesnt recognize your location? Either Im missing it, or this functionality is absent. To find an airport you have to manually search. Im at Las Vegas International. GateGuru had ZERO info to offer. FAIL. Ill check in again, next time I travel. For now, Ill find my resources elsewhere.


Works great, once in awhile will not show fights

Airport maps lacking in detail

Used app at DFW and Austin-Bergstrum. While list of eateries was helpful, the maps were lacking in detail. Map of DFW not any help in determining path or distance between terminals/gates. At Austin, the map of the airport didnt show anything of the interior of the airport. Couldnt even tell there was a food court or where baggage claim was in relation to gates.

Needs update

Needs to be updated. Houston Hobby has new INT terminal not even listed. Pappacitos by Gate 1 - 5 wasnt even busy. Could have eaten there instead.

No more!

At one time was a go-to app for airport travel. Now sort does not work and restaurant listings are old and out of date.

Will not work

Constantly get an error "oops, something went wrong, try again".

Excellent app

All good very helpful 5 stars

Works half the time

Works about half of my flights, I would not recommend this app

So convenient!

A travelers necessity. Tons of ways to filter what you want, and see exactly where things are. There are a ton of airports listed, and most have rated restaurants that are rather accurate.

Lead me astray...

On August 7 GG told me my Delta connection would be at terminal D LaGuardia, but that was wrong. Good thing we checked the board and had lots of time

Mediocre app

I was told this app was the heat by airport staff . However , its very buggy and not very useful . A waste of time .

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