GateGuru, Airport Info & Flight Status App Reviews

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Very Cooool!!

Easy to use, quick, stable, and providing the information you need about airports around the world and flights. Love it!! Great App!!

Heart atack generator?

I got from you a warning my flight was cancelled, but it was not. Shame on you! application removed

Not working

Always with the error message!!


Horrible. Don t waste your time


Everything is broken and giving errors on the app

Oops there was a problem

I get that message every single time.

Not enough airports

Greek islands Airports are missing, for me useless!

Very handy

Its a very handy and informative easy to use tool! I love it!!

Not very much information

For Bangkok it list all eateries, banks. But no detailed maps, no info on luggage storage or power outlets or charging stations. Not worth for me having it on the phone.

Ridiculously bugged

Ive never seen an app with so many obvious bugs. Its not possible to add a connecting flight to an existing one. And its not possible to delete flights either. GateGuru: Please do your homework before publishing an app.


Where did the airports maps go?!?? Just did the last update and seriously thinking about deleting....

Rather not upgrade

I guess I am lucky that my old iPad cant upgrade to iOS 6 and after reading how the new gate guru upgrade is not making users very content, Ill just stay with the old version that still seems to work.

Great refresh!

The new version is really much cleaner and easier to use! The team is really supportive and they are already working on implementing new stuff. Great work.


The old version was better - much easier to use.

Awesome new layout

Seems faster looking up flights as well !

A shadow of the former app

Like other reviewers, I feel the latest update to this app leaves out what made previous versions so compelling, namely instant access to airport maps and information. Adding itineraries would be a nice touch as an optional feature, but I dont want to be constrained if I am unable or unwilling to tell the app my complete travel plans. Heres hoping the developers will be able to bring back some of the features that made this a winning app in the first place.

Latest Update Appreciated

Like many others I found the 3.0 update to be more inconvenient to use than the previous version (but work-able). They brought back the conveniences with the latest upgrade and I find the app a pleasure to use once again. Thanks for the quick response to user input.

Airline names on map

Great app, would be more helpful if the map indicated where the entrance to the different airlines were

Missing airports

Missing some airports! abbotsford international

Great app

Very helpful regarding airports and the amenities found in each but consider adding distance to city center or airport location in regards to city.

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